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Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood are not only the largest exporters of live abalone in the world, the company continues to invest and to innovate, ensuring that they remain the industry leader in Australia. These are not just words – the company’s track record proves that Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood is committed to quality and consistent supply. Millions of extra dollars have been invested over the past few years, and more has been earmarked for a major upgrade of processing plant and equipment. You can rely on Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood.

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  • November 2011 –Biosecurity system installation in new factory

    Completion of bio-security systems for new factory

    As a direct result of the AVG virus, new bio-security measures have been enforced as of 1st November 2011. To reduce the spread of the disease, the new measures require that all waste water is processed before being discharged into the environment.

  • November 2011 –Biosecurity upgrade for existing factory

    Completion of bio-security upgrade for original factory

    The existing factory was retro-fitted with new biosecurity systems, in order to meet the new standards required from 1st November 2011. The systems consist of settlement tanks, mechanical filtration and twin UV. This is controlled by a computer system to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • October 2011 – Ralphs Tasmanian Seafood awarded  2011 Australian Seafood Industry Award
    Mark Webster and Geoff Gorrie, Director of SSA

    Winner – 2011 Australian Seafood Industry Business Award

    On Tuesday, 25th October, the Australian Seafood Industry Awards were held on the Gold Coast. As the winner of the TSIC Seafood Business Award in June 2011, Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood was a finalist at the Awards. The company was honoured to win the Seafood Business Award category on a national level. Award criteria are based on business growth, innovation, excellence in product service or marketing, and making a significant contribution to the seafood industry.

  • October 2011 –Tasmanian Export Awards 2011

    Finalist – Tasmanian Export Awards

    The Tasmanian Export Awards were held at Wrest Point Casino in Hobart on Friday, 14th October 2011. Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood was a finalist in the Agribusiness category.

  • August 2011 –

    Commissioned new live holding facility

    August 2011 saw the completion of a new bio-secure live holding facility. The new tanks have a holding capacity of 20,000kg, which extends Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood’s total live holding capacity to 47,000kg.

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  • June 2011 –
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    Mark Webster accepting the Award from Wes Ford

    Winner TSIC Seafood Business Award

    Held every two years, the TSIC Seafood Awards recognise excellence in all aspects of the seafood industry. This year, Ralphs Tasmanian Seafood was awarded the Seafood Business Award. Award criteria are based on business growth, innovation, excellence in product service or marketing, and making a significant contribution to the seafood industry.

  • March 2011 –Customer training in China 2011

    Customer training in China

    In March 2011 Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood held its second annual customer training conference in Shanghai, China. Once again, this year’s conference was a huge success, attended by 30 customer representatives. Customers are reaping benefits from the training provided, and have requested further training sessions in the future.

  • October 2010 –

    Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood an award winner at 2010 Tasmanian Export Awards

    The 2010 Tasmanian Export Awards ceremony on 8th October 2010, where Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood was awarded the Tasports Agribusiness Exporter of the Year Award.

  • April 2010 –FHA 2010

    Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood representatives attend FHA2010

    The company displays processing products at the Food and Hotel 2010 show in Singapore.

    FHA is Asia’s largest international food and hospitality trade event. Held every two years, it draws maximum buyer/trade/channel participation.

  • April 2010

    Plans approved for new factory

    Plans were approved for a new live-holding factory – to enhance bio-security – and a new live packing room, a new workshop and new storage sheds onsite at the Electrona facility. Once completed, the new factory will hold 18,000 kg of abalone, on top of our existing capabilities.

  • March 2010Customer training in China

    Customer training in China

    Ralph’s developed a training package and held a conference in Shenzhen, China, to educate our customers about spawning and the handling and tanking of abalone, to help them get a better result from all Australian live abalone. This is a first in China. Ralph’s will do a China conference annually from now on.

  • February 2010Diamantina III Mother Ship

    Purchased “Diamantina III”

    Ralph’s purchased Diamantina III, a 72-foot fibreglass Westcoaster. The vessel is to be used as an Abalone mother ship. Also commenced a refit of the vessel to fish for abalone on Tasmania’s rugged and remote west and south coasts. The vessel should start work in May 2010.

  • November 2009Regular charter flights from Hobart to Melbourne

    Started Charter Flights

    Ralph’s began regular charter flights with Metro 3 aircraft from Hobart to Melbourne. Capacity of 120 cartons per flight. Four flights per week.

  • November 2009

    Purchased “Golden Emperor” brand

    Purchased the Golden Emperor brand of canned abalone from Southern Ocean Seafoods in NSW.

  • October 2009Abalone viscera

    First shipment of salted viscera

    First export from Australia of salted abalone viscera (salted gut) – shipped to Korea. This added another new abalone product to our exports.

  • October 2009Holding tanks A and B

    Upgraded tanks A and B

    Completed filter upgrade of two holding tanks. Upgrade uses the latest technology, including upgraded ozone and computer controls for better quality live holding, upgraded refrigeration, pumps and all plumbing. These tanks hold 7,000kg combined. Total tanking capacity of live abalone is now 27,000kg.

  • September 2009

    Developed “Ralph’s Choice” brand

    Designed and developed new canned abalone brand called Ralph’s Choice.

  • July 2009

    Installed new live holding tanks E and F

    Installed two new live holding tanks. These new tanks hold 6,000kg combined and have the latest technology.

  • May 2009

    Completed new office and staff amenities building

    Moved into new office and staff amenities building at Electrona. Transferred accounts department from Hobart to the new offices. All staff are now located on one site improving communication and efficiency.

  • January 2009

    Introduced new fish bins

    Ralph’s introduced a new fish bin and bio-security protocols at the start of the quota year. The new bins have prevented back injuries caused by lifting heavy bins, and have improved fish quality.

  • August 2008Rumbler for processing abalone

    First “rumbled” processing

    Ralph’s approved by AQIS for the process of “rumbling” (removing the black) from abalone.

  • July 2008Ralphs processing plant at Electrona

    Completed new processing factory

    Finished new processing/packing factory where we pack live abalone and process abalone for canning, IQF, retort pouches, dried, chilled and other abalone products.

  • September 2007

    Upgraded tanks C and D

    Complete major filter upgrade of two holding tanks. Upgrade uses the latest technology for better quality live-holding, upgraded refrigeration, pumps and all plumbing. These two tanks hold 14,000kg of abalone combined.

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