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Tasmania is an island in the Southern Ocean. Much of the island is set aside as a protected wilderness. In the same way, the stormy oceans off the coast have been carefully regulated to ensure that they are safe from industrial pollution, aquatic diseases and over-fishing. This is the secret behind the premium quality seafood produced by Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood.

Tasmanian abalone, caught in the wild, are a delicacy prized for their unique taste and texture.

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Aside from our standard product range, we are able to supply special products and unique orders. If it is anything to do with abalone, then Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood are the first people to contact.

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Product range:
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Quality Standards

Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood products conform to the following standards:

  • Australian Export Control Standards
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
  • Approved Quality Assurance (AQIS AQA) HACCP Certified
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)


Blacklip and Greenlip Abalone

Live Abalone –
Black Lip (Haliotis rubra) and
Green Lip (Haliotis laevigata)

Live abalone supplied by Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood are selected by experienced, licensed commercial divers. They choose only the highest quality live abalone from the cold waters of the east, the south and the west coast areas of Tasmania. Tasmania has a low population and very little large industry, so the ocean waters are unpolluted.

After harvest the live abalone are transported to our factory with refrigerated vehicles. They are placed into holding crates and are lowered into our state-of-the-art holding tanks. Our holding facility can store 25 tonnes of live product, ensuring several weeks' supply if the weather turns bad for an extended time. All abalone are held for a minimum of 5 days (usually 7 to 10 days) to ensure the quality is maintained. Live abalone are hand-selected and packed into 12 kg net per polystyrene box. An ice pack is added to hold the temperature stable. The factory is only 30 minutes’ drive from the airport thus allowing as short time as possible out of water from tank to tank.

We are currently exporting over 500 tonnes of live abalone per year. Ralph's number one focus is on quality and consistency of supply. Ralph's is the biggest supplier of wild-caught live abalone in the world.

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IQF Greenlip and Blacklip Abalone

Blacklip Abalone and Greenlip Abalone –
IQF (Individually quick frozen) meat
and Vacuum-packed meat

Our carefully selected abalone is “shucked” (the meat is removed from the shell) and after washing the meat is quick frozen in our state-of-the-art blast freezer. After freezing, the meat is “de-iced” and a very light fresh water glaze is applied to prevent freezer burn. The meat is then graded before being boxed according to size and grade.

We can pack to order or our standard box sizes are 15 kg packed into a polystyrene box. The grades we pack are: less than 150 grams per piece, 150 to 225 grams per piece, 225 to 300 grams per piece, 300 to 375 grams per piece and 375-plus grams per piece. Pricing is based on species, grade and size.

We also offer a vacuum-packed IQF Meat with one or more pieces per bag. Each bag is vacuum-sealed and a label showing the trade description, weight, packing date, best-before date and consumer information for thawing of frozen abalone meat is on the back of the label. These vacuum-packed bags are then packed in a polystyrene box up to 10-12 kg per box.

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Canned abalone in presentation box

Abalone – Canned

Abalone from all areas arrive at our factory and are held in the cool room. When processed, in our modern processing factory (commissioned in July 2008), these abalone are “shucked” (the meat is removed from the shell) and then “rumbled” to remove all the black pigment. The product is blanched before being rinsed and is then transferred to ice slurry for rapid chilling. The product is hand-checked for cleanliness and damage before being graded to size. After grading, the product is placed into the can and brine is added before being closed and then cooked in a retort.

Ralph's Choice and Golden Emperor canned abalone

Canned abalone is produced under the Ralph’s Choice and Golden Emperor brand names.

At all times we stock canned abalone for the domestic market and we will also can to order for any export grade requested. Each standard carton contains 24 cans with drained weights from 160 grams per can to 213 grams per can. We can also supply customers with specific grades and drain weights on request.

Our specially designed gift boxes allow us to display two cans of premium abalone in an attractive and prestigious way.

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Retort pouched abalone

Abalone – Retort Pouched

As with our canned abalone, fresh supplies of the shellfish are held in our cool room until processing. Abalone are “shucked” and then “rumbled” to remove the black pigment. They are blanched before being rinsed and are then transferred to ice slurry for rapid chilling. The product is hand-checked for cleanliness and damage before being graded to size. They are then vacuum-sealed into a clear bag with 1 or 2 abalone per bag and with a net weight between about 95 grams and 600 grams (any size is available, to order) before being cooked in a retort. After cooking, the product is boxed and labelled ready for despatch.

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Dried abalone in presentation box

Abalone – Dried

Our drying process is based on an ancient and traditional Japanese method. The abalone is carefully hand-selected to ensure the size, colour and quality is premium, and there are no marks or bruises on the meat, before the drying process begins.

We are able to offer the highest quality dried abalone meat, packed in most quantities requested by our customers. Our specially designed gift box allows us to display portions of dried abalone in an attractive and prestigious way. We can also pack in bulk or in smaller bags in a bulk box. We have small lots available at the moment, supplying the domestic market. We will be in full production for both domestic and export markets once our new state-of-the-art drying facility is in place.

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Abalone shells

Abalone Shells – Blacklip and Greenlip

Our shells are highly regarded throughout international markets including Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Due to the premium quality of our shells, once they are exported they are often crafted into buttons, jewellery and other exciting gift items.

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Salted Abalone Viscera

Salted Abalone Viscera

Our abalone viscera are predominantly used as a premium flavour-enhancing ingredient. Our flavoursome viscera can also be dried and ground and used in products such as abalone-flavoured nuts.

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