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Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood Pty Ltd began exporting live abalone to China in 1996.

The company is now the world’s largest supplier of live abalone caught in the wild, exporting more than 500 tonnes per year out of a total Tasmanian catch of approximately 2,600 tonnes. Ralph’s also owns government-issued abalone catch quotas in Tasmania.

In 2008, Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood built a new processing factory on the shores of North West Bay in southern Tasmania. The company operates a modern fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles, their own charter plane and their own mother boat. This ensures the quality and consistency of our abalone from the water to the customer.

Value-added abalone products now include rumbled meat, chilled meat, retort pouches, IQF meat, vacuum-packed meat, canned meat, dried meat as well as abalone shells and salted abalone viscera.

Ralph's Tasmanian Seafood processing plant at Electrona

Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood processing factory on the shores of North West Bay in Tasmania

Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood is export registered by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). The company is committed to improving the value, quality and sustainability of the abalone industry in Tasmania, and is a member of the Tasmanian Abalone Council and the Abalone Association of Australasia.

The company is examining ways of reducing the impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions through innovation. This includes searching for alternatives to polystyrene boxes, using the latest know-how to rationalise energy, recycling on-site water and utilising by-products to reduce wastage.

Ralph’s Tasmanian Seafood is represented by agents in China and other international marketplaces, and also supplies the Australian domestic market through direct sales and through a Melbourne-based agent.

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